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10/7/2017 Tony Warney (from Yelp!)

I was referred to Tristan by my nephew . He had some issues that Tristan was able to help.
I met with Tristan a few times. Thinking back I had issues with my shoulder since a 2006 car accident. I was treated by chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists over the period of ten years. Working with Tristan and my trainer (Nick Komidina, K Fitness ) over a period of 6 months, the pain is completely gone. i will be going back to see him because I do heavy physical work. Need the kinks worked out.

8/26/2014 Alexis Munoz (from Yelp)

I highly recommend this studio for anyone looking for a healing massage. I've been a regular customer for the past 7 years and I love coming here because the guys really focus on releasing chronic muscle tension. They practice a pressure plus motion approach which takes the deep tissue massage to another level - because they not only aim to improve circulation to the muscles deepest levels, they incorporate movement so the massage gets even deeper.

I'm a pretty active person - do yoga, run and weight train regularly, and at the same time - I have a very sedentary job. Both Tristan and Alex have worked with me to improve my range of motion, flexibility and strength so that after a 10-hour work day on my computer I can get up and move into an advanced workout session. Alex, the founder of the location, has been a massage therapist for many years with a wealth of knowledge and skill. While his son, Tristan, is newer albeit highly motivated and strong enough to make up for the years of practice. Together they make a great time.

Overall, they are competitively priced, always on time, professional and have a clean environment. They are well-educated about the anatomy and can pretty much address any symptoms related to muscles. Bonus, they have a ton of clients with all sorts of issues and they are comfortable working with patients of all ages and ailments.

Aubrey Henschel, San Diego CA


Every family has their hereditary issues that are passed on. For my family it is all manner of foot problems. Out of my siblings, I inherited flat feet and large, painful bunions on each foot. By the time I was 13, they were affecting the quality of my day to day significantly. Also, they were growing! I opted for surgery that required reset bones and 2 months no weight bearing for each foot. While the surgery was successful, it left me with stiff feet and blood circulation issues that would turn my feet purple. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with Raynauds syndrome. I was better than I was with the bunions but had now moved on to other issues! 

My sister had been going to see Alex Nunez and suggested that I give it a shot. It had been 5 years since my surgeries and I was fed up with my stiff feet. After 3 visits, my flexibility had returned to my feet and my circulation! The treatments revived my feet and made it possible for me to get into running and other forms of exercise that had felt so uncomfortable with my stiff feet. Very thankful for the long term results I've seen even 6 years later!


Jonathan Zaia, El Cajon Ca


I stumbled upon What a Relief! on google and decided to give it a try. My body had been under quite a bit of strain from work and attending the gym. Tristan Nunez was present to deliver his service and he spent 15 minutes inquiring about my lifestyle, exercise, current issues, and even my health in regards to dieting. He then spent the next hour relieving most of the tension that had built up in my back, forearms, chest, and also helped increase the mobility of my joints. Tristan has always provided an above and beyond level of service and he truly cares for his customers, no, his guests. That's the level of treatment that is available. Tristan has also continued to provide me with updates on how to maintain a healthy body with different exercises, stretching movements, and also recommended certain diets that may be beneficial to my lifestyle. I have been a loyal guest since last September and will continue to come here.

Debbie Lambert, Poway, CA

It is amazing to me that many sessions of muscle therapy with Alex and Tristan have completely solved my migraine dilemma of the last 20 years.  I had tried changing my diet, reading books on how to cure headaches, taking over-the-counter medicines and searching the internet for help.  I know now that none of these could have worked because the root problem was chronic muscle tension.

Thank goodness a friend of mine told me about Nunez Muscle Therapy.  I will no longer routinely suffer from migraines for 3 days at a time.  Alex has systematically released trigger points in my back, neck and jaw that referred pain to the side of my head and temples.  I have also learned to help myself by using trigger point therapy massage tools to release tension that would normally result in a migraine.  Alex has taught me to watch my posture while sitting at a computer, standing, carrying a purse or back pack so as to prevent muscle tension.  

I am looking forward to my new life without migraines thanks to Nunez Muscle Therapy.  I highly recommend this team of father and son who are very knowledgeable, highly professional and truly amazing.

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